We do not stop until we get results for our clients. We pride ourselves in our client testimonials and are always excited to share our successful settlement stories. Here are just a few examples:

Oh wow! Better then I imagined. I had been in a very bad car accident involving a drunk driver hitting me and my car had been totaled and I was hurt… The skinny of it is 8 months later got a nice settlement, paid off a lot of bills and made my life far less stressful! Thanks for helping me out in a big way!!!


Los Angeles

Carree helped me and a friend get back our security deposit from a fake landlord by filing a complaint at a small claims court. She did it not really for money but because she cared for justice. During the whole process which lasted several months, she was patient, very caring and supportive. She is definitely the first lawyer to whom I will turn or refer my friends in the San Diego area.


I was involved in a two car accident. Carree was the right person for the job. Strongly recommend her for the peace of mind that she provided.


Carree is an amazing attorney with my case. It was difficult road of emotions and injuries and she took care of any unnecessary needs pertaining to the financial issues with my hospital bills and other medical bills. Carree answers questions at any time via phone and emails. I was unfortunately hit by a car on my bike. I was not at fault, hospitalized for 6 days, compound fracture, concussion, memory loss, and minor scrapes and bruising. Carree is amazing at understanding the burdening of issues that had been a huge pain. Thankfully Carree did an amazing job to take a huge weight off my shoulders of worry and also helped with grieving the whole process of moving on.


Carree was referred to me and a friend by a local university office. Although my case did not fall under her main area of focus (personal injury law), Carree did a wonderful job in assisting me in the winning of my legal dispute. She was approachable, responsive, and diligent in her work. My confidence in her and our case never wavered. In the end, I was awarded what I looking for.


Caree Nahama helped me from my first meeting at UCSD trauma and 1-1/2 years of the following rehabilitation and determining future care needs to settling my case through mediation to my complete satisfaction. Highly recommend their services for the hand-holding that you may need for any serious personal injury case for which you may be involved


For almost two years I tried to negotiate on my own with a large company who represented the store where I slipped and fell. I was not being treated fairly. I am so lucky to have been referred to Carree Nahama. She immediately filed a lawsuit against the company, and it was such a relief to see how their attitude changed once she was involved! She got me 5x’s the amount the company was offering before I hired her. Carree was always available when I had questions about my case, and she gave me updates along the way. If you need an honest and hardworking attorney on your side, I highly recommend calling Carree. You really are one in a million, Carree. I felt like I was working with a friend! I will have no hesitation recommending you! Thanks for all your hard work! 

Carol Hernandez

Working with Carree means working with an attorney who you can trust and rest assured knowing they have your wellbeing in mind. Carree is understanding of all needs but has a graceful balance of respecting boundaries while also ensuring that you are advocated for. Carree will make you feel heard, respected, and defended!

Ally Hatter

So last year I got into the second car accident of my life. I was hit in the side when someone (pulling out of a 7-11 parking lot) failed to yield to my right of way. Because of said accident, I strained my neck and back muscles. I wasn’t severely injured, but it was enough pain to keep me awake at night and cause me a lot of stress in my everyday life.  
Anyways, I was somewhat familiar with the process of filing an injury claim (since I had filed for one last year) but I wasn’t sure which attorney to call since there are thousands and thousand in San Diego, a lot with whom are well reviewed on Google and Yelp. I had met Carree in her office during my prior car accident, and she handed me her business card. Oddly enough, more than a year later, I still had her card! I  
If you’re looking for an injury attorney in San Diego, you need to give Carree a call. Carree is extremely professional but also very friendly so she’s easy to communicate with. Carree is thorough, informative, and very efficient! She does not waste any time at all. She updated me as soon as she got new information regarding my case, and I always felt she was doing her absolute best in every situation that we faced.   
The last thing I want to add is that when you work with an attorney and file an injury claim, it will NOT be a fast process. Keep in mind that you need to seek treatment and the attorney has to make a thousand and one phone calls to make sure ALL the details for the claim have been carefully assessed and addressed to give you the best possible settlement. The attorney has to call the other person’s insurance company and any health and/or treatment facilities that you’ve visited. 
I will definitely be referring Carree to all of my friends and family! 


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