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Auto Accident


A woman was hit head on by a commercial van that ran a red light. She sustained several fractures and was out of work for months.



Civil Rights


A child was abused by staff at a daycare but CPS targeted the parents and wrongfully removed the child from the home.



Rear-End Auto


A special needs school teacher was rear-ended on the freeway by a person on their cell phone. The client suffered a broken nose and other facial injuries as well as lost time from work.



Pedestrian v. Car


Client’s foot was run over by a vehicle in a parking lot. The client sustained an ankle injury requiring surgical repair.



Trip and Fall


A man tripped on a negligently maintained tree branch causing him to fall onto a glass bottle severing tendons in his arm.



Pedestrian v. Auto


An elderly woman was crossing in a crosswalk and was struck by a vehicle which caused a severe injury.

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