Injuries to Children 

“Carree did a wonderful job in assisting me in the winning of my legal dispute. She was approachable, responsive, and diligent in her work. My confidence in her and our case never wavered. In the end, I was awarded what I looking for.”


Advocating for Children: Compassionate Legal Support for Pediatric Injuries 

Protecting Our Youngest Generation 

At NAHAMA LAW, we recognize the vulnerability of children when it comes to accidents and injuries. Our firm prides itself in providing compassionate and dedicated legal representation for families dealing with injuries sustained by children. 


Types of Cases We Handle 

Dog Bite Injuries 

Representing children who have suffered physical and emotional harm due to dog bites, seeking compensation for medical treatment and emotional distress. 

Child Car Crash Injuries 

We represent children injured as passengers in car accidents, ensuring they receive proper compensation for their injuries and trauma. 

Playground Injuries 

We advocate for children injured due to unsafe playground equipment, lack of supervision, or hazardous conditions. 

School-Related Injuries 

From bus accidents to injuries resulting from negligence on school premises or by school personnel, we fight for children harmed in educational settings. 

Daycare Negligence 

When a child suffers due to negligence or abuse in daycare facilities, our firm stands ready to seek justice. 


Our Approach to Child Injury Cases 

Compassionate Guidance 

We understand the emotional toll on families. Our team offers empathetic support while navigating the legal process. 

Thorough Investigation 

We conduct meticulous investigations, working with experts to gather evidence and build strong cases. 

Advocacy for Fair Compensation 

We fight vigorously to secure compensation for medical bills, ongoing care, pain and suffering, and future needs. 

Why Choose Us? 

  • Experience with Pediatric Cases: We have a long track record of successfully handling cases involving children’s injuries. 
  • Sensitivity and Care: Our team approaches child injury cases with the utmost compassion and understanding. 
  • Dedicated Advocacy: We are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for our young clients and their families. 

Your Child
Deserves Justice

If your child has suffered an injury due to negligence or an accident, our firm is here to support you. Contact us for a confidential consultation. Let us be the voice for your child’s rights and fight for the compensation and justice they deserve.  

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